Practicing Law Can Be Chaos


Does this feel like you? You can change this.

Clients are constantly calling. The emails never stop coming. Judges are fickle, and deadlines never stop.

Your accountant is someone you see once a year and hope they have good news for you.

Growing your business is something that just happens, or is someone else's responsibility.

Throughout all of this, the stress builds and builds, and the uncertainty of your practice's future is a gnawing presence.

Running Your Practice Should be FUN!

You became an attorney to practice the law, serve clients, and build a prosperous life. Your life as part of a firm, or running your own practice rarely seems to live up to this vision.

It's time you CHANGE that by taking a JUMP forward.

You can: Take control; generate more profit; and jump into your ideal life.

Your journey to a simpler, more profitable law practice starts with a JUMP

You’ve spent a career preparing to be an attorney. Now it’s time to be a better business person. Your practice will thrive as you learn to take control, generate more clients, and build the profitable life you wanted when you graduated law school.

TRAINING: The tools and skills you need to JUMP Your Practice Forward

You’re trained to advocate for your client. Your trained how to talk to a judge and a jury. Now, get the training to simplify your business and grow your profit.

COACHING: The Business Guidance and Support You Want

You are an incredible advocate for your clients. You deserve an incredible business coach. Invest in yourself long-term, and grow your practice confidently and effectively.

CONSULTING: Full Service Solutions

Let us take on the stress. You need time and energy to focus on your clients. You deserve full service support to keep your business running smoothly and growing.

Grasshopper Strategies is built to serve attorneys

It Started with Our Founder Getting Married...

Our founder, Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer, witnessed first-hand the challenges of running a law firm after marrying his wife, a partner at a small law firm. Brandon saw his wife (and many of her colleagues) running ragged, stressed, and rarely certain about the long term health of her firm. He vowed there had to be a better way.

Turns out, there is. For the next two years, Brandon worked with small and large law firms to identify their pain points, and develop systems to enable individual attorneys to thrive. These experiences, inspired Brandon to break down his international consulting firm, and retool to serve one group of very important people: Attorneys.

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Experience with Attorneys Matters.

Attorneys Who Have Taken the JUMP

Sharon R. Meisler, Esq.

Brandon and Grasshopper Strategies have completely overhauled our operations. Internally, he simplified our client management systems; and increased productivity through new team sharing tools and procedures. Externally, we have a whole new digital presence that is bringing us clients regularly.

How much longer will you wait to control your life?

Your life, your future, your PRACTICE are in your hands. We are here when you are ready to take control, and start living your ideal life.