Our Founder: Brandon B. Blackburn-Dwyer

"His name alone qualifies him to be a walking law firm."

-Anita M. Seth, Esq.

(Brandon's Wife, an Attorney, and a client!)

BBD and Anita NYC Laughing

Brandon & Anita

Husband, dog parent, and passionate Philadelphia transplant.

Brandon founded Grasshopper Strategies after witnessing the struggles and challenges regularly faced by solo and small law firms. Brandon saw a group of people, attorneys, who are excellent at their jobs as lawyers, but struggled with the actual business side of their practice.

Brandon saw the challenges of solo and small law firms up close and personal, when he first met his wife, Anita, who is the Managing Partner of her firm. Suddenly, everything clicked. After almost 15 years of international consulting and coaching, Brandon found both his true love: Anita; and true purpose: coaching lawyers through the business struggles of running their firms.

The seeds for Brandon’s passion for helping law firms were planted early. Raised by two lawyers turned law professors, the law - and its practice - has been a constant presence in Brandon’s life. Early in his career Brandon worked for the American Bar Association. At 19, Brandon ran a national legal and human rights campaign in Uzbekistan for the ABA’s Rule of Law Initiative.

In his twenties, Brandon deviated from the legal world and sought an MBA (yes, his parents were horrified). This business education fueled an international consulting career and personal life that spanned 10 years, four continents, and clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies, such as Coca-Cola and FedEx, to micro-ventures.

Brandon’s skills as a speaker eventually caught the eye of the media. Brandon has appeared on international TV more than 225 times, and spent two years as a news radio host focusing on business and politics.

While traveling and building his skill set and knowledge, Brandon never forgot his fascination with the law. After returning to the United States full time, Brandon met Anita, and his future was set. A wife, a partner, and a focus for his abilities to generate growth for companies.

Brandon on CGTN

Brandon’s expertise sits at the intersection of firm operations, marketing, and financial return.

Brandon loves simplifying an attorney’s business, destressing their lives, and empowering them to do what they do best: the law. The increased financial returns for the attorney that come out of this process are an added benefit, but for Brandon, nothing beats knowing that his clients lives have improved.

Take full control of your law practice and JUMP into your Future

Solo and small law firms face challenges on many fronts. Demanding clients, finicky judges, and the pressure of running your own business. It's time you unleash your full potential and built a business that allows you to do what you do best: practice law.

Global Experience – Local Passion

A selection of Brandon's past experience and clients.

Monster and BBD

Control your business and have more time for fun road trips!

This is Monster. He loves road trips (less a fan of photos), and ever since his parentsI learned to fully control their businesses we’ve had time for all the runs and fun car trips. You can live the life you want, if you commit to taking the JUMP today.